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CultPOP! 665 – GUTTER TALK – Our Favorite Movies of the 2010s

We open the 2020 edition of Gutter Talk with tons of listener mail, including voicemail. Then we start our 2010-2019 retrospective with a...

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JD, Brandon, Noel and Len cram themselves into JD’s kitchen to discuss STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER! Spoilerific review starts around the...

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CultPOP! 659 – GUTTER TALK – Titans NO NO NO

JD, Brandon, and Len sit in the Hero Complex (with Kristen, the Dog Whisperer in the background) and chat about the Titans Season...

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CultPOP! 658 – GUTTER TALK – A Beautiful Day in the Rebellion

We no want no Joker sequel because that’s precious time away from STAR WARS corner as we gutter talk it up about Star...

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CultPOP! 654 – GUTTER TALK – Disney + Mandalorin

SPOILER WARNING for The Mandalorin as JD, Len & Brandon break up their tangents on Scooby Snacks, Ryan’s Toys and old Marvel cartoons...

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CultPOP! 651 – GUTTER TALK – Mosaic Max 8

Sitting around the Hero Complex, JD and Len review Brandon’s overview of the slate of HBO Max shows including the new Green Lantern...

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