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CultPOP! 606 – GUTTER TALK – #Mad@Thrones

Everybody’s talking about the Game of Thrones but JD, Len and Brandon also want to talk about Avatar, Captain Marvel…and a lot of...

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CultPOP! 605 – GUTTER TALK – GUTTER TALK – IT is A Mother

PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED – Pennywise is back. The End Game was incredible. Mother’s Day is coming and GUTTER TALK is back! Take a...

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CultPOP! 600 – GUTTER TALK – You Talking to Me, Mr Addams?

Robert DeNiro. The Addams Family. The Lion King. Martian Manhunter. The Voice of Saint Saucey. This episode of GUTTER TALK has it all,...

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CultPOP! 598 – GUTTER TALK – Will, Barry and US

The guys talk about Will Smith as Deadshot, Barry Allen’s Flash and a review of Jordan Peele’s US. Take a listen and then...

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CultPOP! 597 – GUTTER TALK – Shazam Movie Episode!

DCEU’s latest blockbuster SHAZAM starring Zachary Levi and Mark Strong gets the Gutter Talk treatment from JD, Len and Noel! Take a listen...

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CultPOP! 595 – GUTTER TALK – Captain Marvel Episode!

Marvel’s latest blockbuster CAPTAIN MARVEL starring Brie Larson and Samuel Jackson gets the Gutter Talk treatment from JD, Len and special guest star...

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