Gutter Talk

CultPOP! 618 – GUTTER TALK – A Sandman Cometh

Netflix is getting a Sandman just as The Walking Dead stop walking and Spiderman finds himself Far From Home. Sounds like some creepy...

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CultPOP! 616 – GUTTER TALK – Swampy Super Best Friends of the Past

Teen Titans Go. Watchmen. Swamp Thing. Toy Story 4. Fleabag. JD, Len and Brandon return with much Talk and your emails. Take a...

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CultPOP! 609 – GUTTER TALK – John Wick Burns Bright

Len, JD, and Brandon once again sit around the Gutter and talk John Wick, Brightburn, the Avengers, Christian Bale and more. Take a...

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CultPOP! 608 – GUTTER TALK – There’s a Genie in My Cowl

Plenty of Gutter Talk today about Robert Pattinson, the new Aladdin, My Hero Academia and of course we gotta share our pennies on...

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CultPOP! 606 – GUTTER TALK – #Mad@Thrones

Everybody’s talking about the Game of Thrones but JD, Len and Brandon also want to talk about Avatar, Captain Marvel…and a lot of...

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CultPOP! 605 – GUTTER TALK – GUTTER TALK – IT is A Mother

PARENTAL DISCRETION ADVISED – Pennywise is back. The End Game was incredible. Mother’s Day is coming and GUTTER TALK is back! Take a...

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