Gutter Talk

CultPOP! 566 – GUTTER TALK – All of What We Been Seen

WE’RE BACK! Len and JD return to catch you up on all that they’ve been doing for the last month and their opinions...

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CultPOP! 556 – GUTTER TALK – Remembering Greatness w Rick Taylor

JD and Len welcome Batman colorist RICK TAYLOR into the Complex to remember lost artists Russ Heath and Marie Severin, to celebrate the...

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CultPOP! 556 – GUTTER TALK – Len On A Wire

JD finally watched all 5 seasons of HBO’s The Wire and boy is he happy! And Len reveals the comics of 2018 that...

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CultPOP! 554 – GUTTER TALK – Ruby Red Plastic

JD and Len answer a handful of listener mail which gets them Gutter Talking about Teen Titans Go, John Workman, Ruby Red as...

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Len aka The BatTribble gives the crew the night off because he and his Gutter Talk cohorts, host Johnny Destructo aka Thwip Tribble...

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CultPOP! 551 – GUTTER TALK – The 2018 Fantastic Fours

JD and Len use a timely listener mail as an opportunity to play big-time Hollywood agents tasked with casting TWO completely different but...

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