Gutter Talk

CultPOP! 551 – GUTTER TALK – The 2018 Fantastic Fours

JD and Len use a timely listener mail as an opportunity to play big-time Hollywood agents tasked with casting TWO completely different but...

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CultPOP! 550 – GUTTER TALK – 100 Ways to Laugh

JD and Len are awash in guests as Kyra (Key-rah) sits in on the show to help access the winners-losers from Comic-Con’s marathon...

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CultPOP! 548 – GUTTER TALK – Return of the Voice!

R-Son The Voice of Reason aka SuperTribble aka the Human Selfie returns to defend his honor, his rep, his joyful comic books against...

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CultPOP! 546 – GUTTER TALK – Vows of SIKE!

JD and Len welcome Kira to sit down and mostly listen to them bluster on and on about their disappointment with Tom King’s...

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CultPOP! 544 – Gutter Talk – The Dandy Dink Dink Show

Longtime follower DAN ‘The Mayor’ DINKINS of The Starting Five podcast journeys down from the Island of Stat to talk Teen Titans Go!,...

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CultPOP! 542 – Gutter Talk – Hella Queer

JD and Len welcome Kyra aka Tribble Gem into the Complex to celebrate Pride Month, a new comic book all about THEY, the...

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