CultPOP! 716 – American Ronin 02, Getting It Together 02, Kick-Ass Vs HitGirl 01, Miskatonic 01, Punchline 01, and Scarenthood 01!

Noel, JD, Len and Brian discuss this week’s new books:

  • 09:05 – American Ronin 02 – (W) Peter Milligan, (A) ACO
  • 23:41 – Getting It Together 02 – (W) Sina Grace, Omar Spahi, (A) Jenny D. Fine, MX Struble
  • 40:54 – Kick-Ass Vs HitGirl 01 – (W) Steve Niles, (A) Marcelo Frusin
  • 53:50 – Miskatonic 01 – (W) Mark Sable, (A) Giorgio Portrelli
  • 01:07:54 – Punchline 01 – (W) Sam Johns, (A) Mirka Adolfo
  • 01:21:03 – Scarenthood 01 – (W/A) Nick Roche

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