CultPOP! 573 – GUTTER TALK – Bohemian Widows at a Cookout

Len and JD dig into listener emails and go off on tangent after tangent about Queen, Widows, Mrs Maisel, unresolved resolutions and Len’s grand plans to shake-up the holiday traditions.

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2 comments on CultPOP! 573 – GUTTER TALK – Bohemian Widows at a Cookout

  1. TMG says:

    Widows was a great flick but you obviously have not seen INTO THE SPIDER VERSE yet. They can share the top spot on the technicality of it being animated.

    1. JD says:

      I saw Widows the other night and I guess I was expecting something a little more “action-y”? I enjoyed it well enough, but I found it to be a little slow, and I definitely didn’t need any of the political intrigued. I was way more involved in the heist aspect than the red tape of politics aspect.

      Did you see Into The Spiderverse already?

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